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Punta Pacífico is a synonim of relaxation, peace and good service located in the most popular Peruvian Beach, visited by nacional and International tourists, Mancora, in the north of the country.

The exact location is in “Lagunas de Mancora”, 50 metres away from the coast and 150 metres from the surf and kitesurf points of Mancora. This is an 5-minute walk from the main plaza and local markets, principal bars and restaurants
Thanks to this, we can offer our guests the privacy they expect and at reasonable prices.

We have 4 bungalows 
and April 1, 2004 we opened our other marriage bungalow, called "Suite Delfín" on the second floor overlooking the ocean.
The first, called "Estrella de Mar" which consists of two cabins (4 beds), a double bed, balcony and a private bathroom.

The second bungalow called "Concha Perla" has two cabins and two double beds, for up to eight people, a private bathroom and a terrace

The third bungalow called "Caballito de Mar", for 5 people, with a double bed, a single bed (and half square) and a cabin for two beds.

The fourth bungalow called "Caracolito" (marriage) is the most spacious, has a double bed and the possibility of an extra bed. It also has a living room, with your carpet, coffee table. Seats are rustic, woven straw with their cushions and pillows.


The fifth bungalow called "Suite Delfín" is the most elegant and with view to the sea. The entrance is private. It has a double bed (matrimonial) with possibility of two extra beds. Has a private bathroom with shower and hot water. Also, a wall fun, 24-inch plasma tv, safe-deposit box, Wi-Fi throughout the bungalow, minibar in room, bathroom accesories, sheets and towels and a living room with two chairs and one table with good old finishes. A beautiful terrace where you can sit and sea the sea. 

The bathrooms in all bungalows have good finishes and the area is quite fresh and wide. Also, all bungalows, with its terrace overlooking the garden, with a hammock and a "lazy" chair.
The area is very well-aired and fresh. The bathrooms are well finished. All bungallows have satellite TV and there is electricity and hot water all day long. 
The place is quite private, with a gazebo with hammocks, umbrellas and a nice tropical garden with palm trees and space to light a fire. There is permanent security. 
The cost includes a continental breakfast and we have kitchenette if you want cooking.

We have Wi-Fi, which worked all day and has good signal in the entire hotel and is free. 
There are massage services available (previous appointment)
Therefore, with the best details, “Punta Pacífico” provides lodging in a suitable and ample space where you can enjoy the best sunsets, surrounded by gardens.
Come and visit us in “Punta Pacífico”, the place to relax.

We accept credit cards ("Visa" card).

Punta Pacífico Bungalows
      Las Lagunas de Máncora

           + 0051 (73) 25 8079
           + 0051 (73) 968806635
           + 0051 (73) 999455314

View from the terrace "Suite Delfín"


Punta Pacifico Bungalows Máncora 4K..desde el aire - Julio 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora...15 de Noviembre 2018 Punta Pacífico al 24 noviembre 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora. Bungalow "Pez Espada" 29 Nov 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora. Bungalow "Suite Delfín" 30 Nov 2019 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora- Bungalow "Caracolito" al 02 Dic 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora- Bungalow "Tortuga Marina" al 02 Dic 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora- Bungalow "Caballito de Mar" al 02 Dic 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora- Bungalow "Estrella de Mar" al 04 Dic 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora- Bungalow "Concha Perla" al 04 Dic 2018 Punta Pacífico Bungalows Máncora- Bungalow " Coral " al 04 Dic 2018
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Ver Hospedaje Punta Pacifico Bungalows- Máncora- Perú en un mapa más grande
" Punta Pacífico Bungalows " - Mancora - Piura, Perú

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